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Complaint Management Procedure


As professional building surveyors we want your project to proceed with as few issues as possible, however should a client might feel that a complaint is warranted, then we have a formal complaints procedure in place. 

Where our role requires us to undertake building regulatory and statutory enforcement actions, then these are usually not grounds for a complaint and may need to be dealt with via another process, such as the Building Appeals Board.

To instigate a complaint please send an e-mail to, with COMPLAINT in the subject line and we will contact you with a complaint submission form.

The Complaint Management process is as follows:

1     Submission of complaint form.

2     Registration and acknowledgement of instigation of complaint process, including likely time frame to resolve

       the matter.

3     Review of complaint by Company Director. 

4     Request for further clarification / documentation from complainant (if necessary) to substantiate complaint.

5     Written notification to complainant on outcome of complaint procedure and possible other options to try

        and resolve the matter.

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