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Castle Kane appreciates that our domestic builders need a building permit service that processes applications in an expedient manner. Our clients benefit from our checklists so that all documentation, once presented, is reviewed in a timely manner and the building permit issued within a few working days.


Our multi-unit residential clients benefit from our knowledge of compliance matters associated with multi-level residential buildings. With our initial assessment of schematic drawings, we can advise on fire engineering matters, consultation with the appropriate fire authorities and performance solutions, all of which result in value-added services to our client.

We understand that handover dates are critical to our clients, therefore we have a fast-track system in place to issue building permits so that our clients can commence building works as quickly as possible.

Domestic Residential Properties

From a minor extension to complete construction of a development, we can assist with building compliance throughout the project, consulting with the team members to produce a cost-effective solution. 

Multi-Unit Residential Units

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